Pākiri Beach Conservation

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy


Environmental Statement

At Pākiri Beach Holiday Park we are proud to put the environment at the forefront of what we do. One of our two core values is Kaitiakitanga – Guardianship and protection for our land.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by reducing waste, using eco-friendly resources and reducing our carbon footprint. Due to our fragile location, we are susceptible to the effects of climate change, and we strive to make a difference every day. We work closely with DOC, the local iwi and charitable organisations to help protect our fragile location.

Environmental Commitments

  • To never stop exploring ways to minimize the use of energy, water and raw materials.
  • To engage with our customers, suppliers and partners in our efforts to protect the environment.
  • We are committed at achieving a Qualmark Sustainable Business Award.

Environmental Initiatives

  • We have bins for recycling, soft plastics, and compost food waste, in addition to general waste.
  • Our unique wastewater treatment system means that we are not connected to any council mains. Algae naturally biodegrades the water through several ponds, making it safe to release onto a neighbouring field.
  • We collect and use our own rainwater from most of our buildings to help reduce our consumption of water which becomes scarce in summer.
  • We have reduced single use plastic for sale in the shop and we try to source eco-friendly products made locally in New Zealand
  • We encourage staff and guests to pick up litter and plastic, especially when on the beach, to prevent our local birds ingesting them.
  • We only provide eco-friendly & biodegradable toiletries for guests to use and we are striving to only use environmentally products such as vinegar for cleaning
  • We have energy efficient light bulbs installed in 90% of fittings – we are switching all lights to LEDs.
  • Signage around the park informing visitors of the collection and size limits of fish and shellfish
  • We provide discounts on coffee when customers bring their own reuseable cup.
  • We have moved away from paper printing where we can, and we try to keep things digital
  • We are part of predator free New Zealand, and we have our own predator programme
  • We measure and analyse the carbon footprint of our business to help to continue to reduce our footprint.

    We are excited for more environmental improvements and ideas going forward, and as always we welcome your suggestions.


New Zealand Fairy Tern

With a population of approximately 12 breeding pairs, the New Zealand fairy tern is probably our most endangered indigenous bird. Pākiri Beach Holiday Park assist the Department of Conservation Recovery Plan by offering accommodation to the DOC ranger who protects the Pākiri fairy tern nesting site throughout the breeding season.

The rangers’ duties include: monitoring breeding attempts, maintaining fences around nesting sites, nest translocation, predator identification and control (including video surveillance), egg and chick manipulation, public education, and law enforcement. Please help protect our native birds by keeping clear of the nesting areas marked by rope. You will notice these predominately to the north of the river. Emergency hotline please Call 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468) immediately if you see anyone catching, harming or killing native wildlife. Drones are not permitted to be used over the nesting area as they can scare the birds.


Predator Free

As members of the New Zealand predator free programme we offer a safe environment for native birds and endangered shore birds. With the use of traps and bait stations we are pleased to say we have our rat, possum, stoat and feral cat population under control. We recently used humane traps to catch a family of feral cats and kittens. All of the kittens were rehomed and one was flown all the way to France to live with a French couple that fell in love with the kitten while working at the park. Please notify a staff member if you spot a predator in the park.

The Tiaki Promise

Pākiri Beach Holiday Park are proud to support the Tiaki Promise. 

Tiaki means to care for people and place. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.


Caring for land, sea and nature, treading lightly and leaving no trace.Travelling safely, showing care and consideration for all.Respecting culture and travelling with an open heart and mind.

Predator Free