Pakiri Beach | Guest Information

Pākiri Beach Holiday Park is remotely located beside the stunning white sands of Pākiri Beach, on the Pacific Ocean only 90 minutes north of Auckland CBD. We invite you to enjoy the beauty and remoteness of Pākiri.


Reception and the shop are open 7 days a week from 9am until 5pm. Hours are extended during the summer months.


The safety of everyone at the park and surrounding area is our main priority.  Please ensure children are always supervised and if you see any safety issues, please let us know immediately. During the day, report to the shop and, after hours, use the night buzzer beside the shop door to be connected to the Duty Manager.


Please call 111 in an emergency and report immediately to a staff member, our reception or use the night buzzer beside the shop door to be connected to the Duty Manager.

An AED is available 24/7 on the wall facing the road and carpark at the front of our shop and reception.  A first aid kit is available at reception in our shop.


If you hear a siren, please make your way to the evacuation area at the main gate and follow instructions from staff.


We are a family-based park and ask that you are always thoughtful to your fellow guests. Complete quietness is required between 10:30 pm and 7:00 am. The exception is New Year's Eve, which is between 12:30 am and 7:00 am. As a guide if you can be heard more than a site away you are too noisy. Please do not play music or radios after 10:30 pm. 

Antisocial behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated at any time. This includes abuse in any form aimed at other guests, our park team, contractors, or suppliers.  If you are observed breaching any of these or other unacceptable behaviours, Pākiri Beach Holiday Park reserves the right to refuse entry and/or request termination of booking without refund regarding disorderly conduct.  We do not accept responsibility for any additional accommodation or other charges incurred because you or any of your party have been evicted from our premises.

Please report excessive noise or bad behaviour by calling in to our shop during the day or, at night, by calling our landline number 09 422 6199 or using the buzzer outside reception to be connected to the Duty Manager.

We reserve the right to charge a bond for any booking which is refundable after departure if all rules are not adhered to. 

Ball games

Ball games are not permitted around buildings, caravans, or tents.  Please use the grass area by the bouncing pillow or the cricket pitch across the road from the park.  Hard balls such as cricket balls must not be used at any time in the park.


Only gas BBQ's are permitted in the park. Please make sure all BBQ's are safe for use and gas is turned off after useStrictly no open wood or charcoal fires


Bikes are welcome at the Park.  Helmets must be worn when riding bikes in the park.

Parents are responsible for the safety and well-being of your children while riding bikes in the park.  The safety and consideration to other guests is critical when riding bikes. 

Bikes are not to be ridden in the park grounds after the park night lights come on and must be stored away overnight.  Bikes are not to be ridden on footpaths.

Boats & Jet Skis

There is no launching facility at the park or on the beach. The closest boat ramp is at Leigh.

Campervan Dump Station 

The campervan dump station is behind the main bathroom, refer to our map. 

Child Ages

Children must be supervised by a parent. Child ages are 2 - 16 years inclusive – where child rates are offered. On all accommodation infants under 2 years are free. 


The person listed on the booking is responsible for any charges incurred for any damage, breakages or soiling of park property.


Drones are not allowed to be used at the park or anywhere on Pākiri Beach.


The direction of travel is anti-clockwise in the park. Walking pace only for vehicles and bikes. Our roads are a 'Shared Zone' for all pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles. Watch out for Children, please.

Unlicensed drivers including children are not permitted to drive vehicles in the park.  This includes allowing children to steer a car while sitting on the drivers’ knee.


Fireworks are not permitted in the Park.

Fish Cleaning and Waste 

Please use the designated fish filleting and waste bin area only. Wrap all waste and place it in the waste bin. Please do not throw fish waste into the estuary. Please do not clean fish in accommodation units or in the communal kitchen/dining area. 

You can visit for current fishing regulations or download the NZ Fishing Rules app.

Gang Insignia

Gang insignia including patches must not be worn or displayed in the park.

Management reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time of any person or group, who fail to comply.

Gate Access

Access to the park is controlled by vehicle registration recognition technology.  Please ensure we have the correct registration number for your booking.  

Guest Laundry 

Our laundry facilities cost $4 for a wash and $4 for a dry (2x $2 coins).  Washing powder can be purchased at the shop. Please conserve water whenever possible.

Hire Equipment

Hire equipment can be booked online at the time of booking or at our reception. We hire kayaks, paddleboards, pedal carts, surfboards.  

Helmets and closed toe shoes must be worn while using pedal carts and are weight restricted to 30kg.

Other items that can be hired include linen, power leads, kitchen boxes and porta cots.

Local activities and dining 

Please see our reception team or visit our activities page - link


Most of Pākiri Beach is private property above the high-water mark. Please respect this and do not go into the dunes or onto land behind the beach.


Vehicles must be parked on your own site only, not on driveways or neighbouring sites unless previously arranged with management.

Pest Control 

We are actively engaged with Predator Free NZ to the habitat of the park and surrounding area for wildlife. We have an active pest and predator control programme in the park. 

Please ensure that you dispose of all food waste in the bins provided.


Except for certified companion and service animals, we cannot accept pets in the park. We are surrounded by highly sensitive conservation land where pets are banned. You must advise us at the time of booking that you have a certified companion or service animal and provide evidence of that.

To protect nesting birds including the highly endangered Tara Iti (Fairy Tern) and other wildlife at Pākiri, pets are not allowed in the estuary, in the dunes, or on the beach. Department of Conservation (DoC), rangers have the power to seize and destroy any animals they find on the beach, in the dunes or estuary.


Please supervise children in the playground and report any safety issues immediately to staff.  The playground is open between the hours of 7am and 8pm each day in summer.

Rubbish and Recycling

Please use the bins provided for all rubbish and recycling as indicated. Rinse recycling before placing in the bin and do not mix food waste with recycling. 

Please flatten the cardboard and place it in the bins provided.

We have two aluminium can crushers in the park.  One at the main kitchen and one next to the rubbish bins at the entrance to the paddock. We ask that you crush your aluminium cans and place them in the bins provided.


Our showers require 50c coins for 4 minutes of hot water. Cold showers are free. Coins are available from the shop. Please conserve water whenever possible.


We have a non-smoking policy in all our accommodation and communal areas. When smoking please be considerate of others.


Pākiri Beach is a fabulous swimming and surfing beach. However, in some conditions it can be dangerous. Check out Pākiri Beach tides and surf conditions before you enter the water. 

Never swim or surf alone and swim between the flags when lifeguards are on duty. 

Swimming in the adjacent Pakiri River and estuary is usually safe. However, it can be dangerous during a flood.

Always, check conditions before swimming and always supervise children.

Vehicles on the Beach 

To protect our pristine environment and endangered seabirds, no motorcycles or vehicles of any kind are permitted on Pākiri beach except for Surf Lifesaving and Emergency vehicles.


Because of our relatively remote rural, beachside location, we have our own water treatment station. 

Our water systems are checked daily and always maintained to safe-water standards. After heavy rain or maintenance, our water may be discoloured but is still safe to drink. 

We also operate our own wastewater treatment system which is also tested daily and meets all health and safety standards.  Please refrain from putting anything other than toilet paper down the toilets.

We ask that you consider your water consumption when using our facilities and conserve water whenever you can.

Water Balloons

Water balloons are prohibited at the park. 


While we have broadband and WiFi at the park our remote location can often be impacted by weather and other events outside our control.  WiFi is not available outside the park boundaries. You can purchase WiFi online or from the shop. Connect to Pakiri HP Hotspot, for support call 0800 HQ WIFI.


Please let us know if there is any way we can help make your stay more enjoyable. 

We also encourage you to send feedback in our after-departure survey and stay in touch with us through  Facebook, or Instagram.